Extern Program

Established by the SIU Alumni Association in 1984, the Extern Program provides students with professional experience in their chosen career fields. Each year nearly 150 SIU students complete externships throughout the United States. Students are matched with SIU alumni and friends of SIU during spring break and apply skills learned in the classroom in a professional work environment. The Extern Program enhances students’ college education and clarifies their career objectives and goals. In 2014 the Association’s Board of Directors awarded 24 travel awards to assist externs with the expense of traveling.

“Aleshia Troutman was awesome – in fact, I asked her to apply for a summer job with us.”
- Renee Young, Christy Webber Landscapes, Chicago.

“To me, these students represent hope for all millennials.  Having them get their hands dirty over spring break demonstrates work ethic their future employers will want to see.”
- Andrew Krause, AKA Media CEO, Chicago.

Extern Travel Awards Announced!

This year, 24 of the students participating in the SIU Alumni Association’s successful Externship Program received an extra boost. The SIU Alumni Association provided $10,000 for Extern Travel Awards, which were allotted in amounts ranging between $250 and $500. Awards were given on the basis of need, but preference was given to SIU Alumni Association student members. There is no application to receive an award; instead, recipients were chosen by committee.

For more information contact the Extern Coordinator, Kayla Loyd or call 618/453-2408.